10 Steps To Homeownership

1. Mortgage Pre-Approval

Prior to viewing homes it's essential to have your financial "ducks" in a row. Getting a solid pre-approval from your mortgage lender to ensure we look at only homes you can afford and are comfortable purchasing. It is also necessary for submitting an offer. 

2. View Homes Online

This is a great way to see what style of homes you like and create a list of favorites to give me before we start looking in person.

3. Drive-By Neighborhoods

Before we schedule appointments to view homes in person it's a great idea to drive by those homes to get a feel for the neighborhood. If you don't like where the home is located then we can easily eliminate that home from our list.

4. View Homes In Person with Tara

This is what I like to call the "fun part" of our time together. Based on your wants and needs in a home we will tour a number of homes that meet your criteria and budget.

5. Write-Up Your Offer

Once you've found "The One" it's time to write up our offer. I will help you determine the best price to offer and negotiate the terms with the other parties involved.

6. Home Inspection

Although not required, a home inspection is recommended in order for you to have peace of mind and learn valuable facts about the property you're purchasing.

7. Meet With Your Lender

Now is a great time to meet with your lender again to go over the terms of your loan and "lock in" your interest rate. Your lender will likely require you to provide paperwork such as W2s and account statements. 

8. Appraisal

If you are taking out a loan (mortgage) on the home your lender will require an appraisal be performed on the property. This is to ensure that the property is valued at what you're paying. Certain governement loans such as FHA and VA will have additional criteria that will need to be met in order for the home to pass through appraisal.

9. Final Walk Through

We have made it to the home stretch! The final walk through is done typically the day before closing or just prior to closing. The purpose of this walk through is to ensure the home was left in proper condition and and all appliances, mechanicals, etc. are still in proper working order. 

10. Closing!

Get ready to sign, sign, sign! Congratualtions you've made it to the end. Once you've signed your closing documents you're ready to receive the keys to your new home and move. 

Home Buying 

Are you considering a change of address? Congratulations on taking this first step. Whether you are purchasing your first home or you 10th it is my pleasure to help you navigate through the complex world of buying real estate. Our market is constantly evolving and it takes a motivated, full-time agent to meet your goals. 



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